Tactical Thursday

10376904_587372201371815_564128633280456022_nWe missed this weeks Wicked Weapon Wednesday, but here it is on Tactical Thursday. I give you the handgun standard from this moment moving forward. The FNX-45, made by FNH, is brought to you by the same geniuses that gave birth to the P90 and FN Five Seven. Always at the forefront of ergonomics and exquisite performance, FNH have outdone themselves here. 10556496_587372238038478_8837122965278247076_nWithout further delay, feast on these. I have not yet fired the FNX, but as a former owner of a Five-Seven and a PS90 I can say they are extremely accurate and bear almost the same recoil as a .22lr round. My only complaint from the 5.7mm round was the loud report. The FNX-45 fires the .45ACP round which has a much deeper and satisfying “pop”.

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