Pushing the Envelope


Some manufacturers are¬†pushing the envelope¬†with everything they do. In the US, on such company is Kel-Tec. A small family business with limited production but outstanding designs. In fact, the biggest criticism you will hear about them these days is that it’s so hard to get your hands on their weapons. They could charge more than they do for their weapons, but they believe in treating customers fairly. Just like the Arms Dealer team!


They make inexpensive, mostly plastic or resin framed weapons that defy conventional design expectations. Their latest is the RMR 30 Carbine, which is essentially their successful PMR 30 22 Magnum handgun turned into a tactical carbine. I know what you are thinking, who wants a .22 carbine?! What if I told you that the .22 magnum round when fired out of the longer barrel of the RMR 30 has the energy of the lethal, armor defeating 5.7mm round? That’s what I thought. If they start producing these in proper numbers, I have a feeling that the .22 magnum round is going to be coming back into fashion.

While talking about Kel-Tec innovation, don’t forget about the KSG Shotgun(Sick!), the RFB Bulpup 7.62, the folding Sub-2000 in 9mm, .40 and .45ACP or the bizarre SU-16 series


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