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The Future of Precision Shooting

I want to talk about the future of precision shooting. There is a company, TrackingPoint, that makes a computerized scope on top of hyper-accurate weapon platforms like a the incredibly sexy XS1 .338 bolt action rifle or the assault rifle version, the AR300 Blackout. I would love to include one or more of their weapons in Arms Dealer to increase awareness. Perhaps in exchange we can work out a deal on an XS1 Be sure to like their page because they post some very cool content on a regular basis, not to mention they are one of the only civilian arms manufacturers who are making history....

This just in……….

Our incredibly talented composer from Scotland, Eoin Forker, is wrapping up production on another originally scored tracks for Arms Dealer's soundtrack. This means that while playing you will have access to 15 epic and moving songs to keep you going in the wee hours of the morning when you should be sleeping instead of playing. This also means that we will be offering a special collectors edition with a downloadable soundtrack and some exclusive concept art and finally, access to a special item in the game! We won't charge an exorbitant fee for this edition, because we are gamers too. We won't insult you by trying to charge more than a couple of bucks. Further, every penny of that extra charge will go to the composer and artist(and the tax man)...

Sketchy characters

The world of Arms Dealer has some sketchy characters. Sorry, I couldn't help myself  Check out the amazing concept art representing just a few of the characters you will interact with in the game.10262023_564320490343653_5396064725215486947_n...

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