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Wednesday’s Wicked Weapon

10537308_583951141713921_5439408280916294073_n Wednesday's Wicked Weapon is the Israeli made Gilboa Snake double barrel assault rifle. Yes, you read that right! Imagine being able to double tap a target with one pull of the trigger and no recoil between shots to pull you off target.

The Snake is one of the more rare weapons for you to collect and trade in Arms Dealer. Certain countries will pay an ultra premium for such an efficient and attractive weapon.



Being an Arms Dealer is as much about the transportation as it is the guns. Check out this charter aircraft ready to carry you and your wares to the highest bidder. 10470996_581657851943250_4535476967855463658_n...

Just a Few Updates

1) Added a few filters for the map so the player can now quickly find potential conflicts to exploit, rebellions to incite and wealthy nations to target. Covertly instigating conflicts and rebellions is one of the more involved strategies for a player to try due to the complex web of potential fallout, but the filter system at least makes it easier to zero in on potential opportunities. 2) Added new options for competing with AI Arms Dealers such as sabotage, hiring pirates or colluding with law enforcement to eliminate an opponent(once per game, suffer huge reputation hit). 3) Grammy Award Winner, Billy Shaw, is mixing and creating our sound effects to be unobtrusive and a perfect fit for the world. 4) 15,000 likes on Facebook in 5 weeks. I am thinking I can risk using Greenlight to garner...

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