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Russian Weapons

Let's see if you can name all 8 of these Russian weapons! 10580121_592653274177041_7513565356304203460_n 10370353_592653577510344_2978249466490250222_n 10418450_592653537510348_4982874253649930833_n 983752_592653510843684_6903616900387483689_n 1743669_592653417510360_1556115533748279137_n 10584019_592653390843696_4126404887623866473_n 10547454_592653350843700_2723455272697581864_n 10494637_592653317510370_493518901671840139_n...

Custom Sig Sauer

Check out this custom Sig Sauer, engraved by Jurgen Goser. I have seen many custom engraved weapons or plated weapons, but this work of art is one of the finest I have seen.
10431548_592443877531314_6676515380881536903_n ...

Wednesday’s Wicked Weapon

Wednesday's Wicked Weapon is from Russia's Cold War labs. I present the TKB-059 triple barrel assault rifle. Apparently it had near minigun like performance but suffered from obvious recoil issues. Notice the ejection port is behind the trigger(bullpup), which isunusual.10562968_590025574439811_7615071720036982644_n10423277_590025611106474_3376146391790770059_n36604_590025524439816_5412923836543187397_n...

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